Saturday, February 28, 2015

1 Nephi 8 

Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, Nov.2003, p.99-102

" Brothers and sisters, we do not go many hours in our lives without having to decide again 'which way do we face' and whether we will pitch our tents facing Sodom or the holy temple...Since we are thus fully accountable to Him, on Judgment Day we cannot invoke the Fifth Amendment!...The cast of players on this planet for whom the revelations and translations are so pertinent includes those who, in that familiar phrase, are living the 'lives of quiet desperation'. They have now been joined by those lives of noisy, slurping indulgence, wrongly celebrating their capacity to feel and become ' past feeling ', hence, they lick their particular platters in a desperate search for more sensations. Such individuals, however are still not a majority but a ' lesser part ' of the people. Notably at the last day the adversary 'will not support' those who followed him anyway. He cannot. Jesus will triumph majestically, and the adversary's clever constructs, 'pleasing to the carnal mind', will also collapse and 'the fall thereof will be exceedingly great', Even now, one can see in the lives of those prodigals who come to themselves the devil's doctrines dripping in early meltdown. Many having experienced the utter emptiness of lower ways, are in 'preparation to hear the word' and now await being informed of the rescuing revelations and translations...These are so needed by those whose weary hands hang down because they suffer doctrinal anemia, which can be treated by the red blood cells of the Restoration....Meanwhile. let us expect that many will regard us indifferently. Others will see us as quaint or misled. Let us bear the pointing fingers which, ironically, belong to those finally who, being bored, find the 'great and spacious building ' to be a stale and cramped third-class hotel."

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