Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2 Nephi 1:14
David O. McKay in CR, April. 1964 p.20
" There are those, however, who act as though they do not believe in eternity or a resurrection. They cower at the thought of nuclear war, and to save their own bodies they would have peace at any price.  Yet the best assurance of peace and life is to be strong morally and militarily. But they want life at the sacrifice of principles. Rather than choose liberty or death, they prefer life with slavery. But they overlook a crucial scripture....fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body  in hell. ( Matt. 10:28 ) The Lord could, I suppose, have avoided the war in the heaven over free agency. All he needed to do was to compromise with the devil, but had he done so he would have ceased to be God.  While it is more difficult to live the truth, such as standing for free agency, some of us may in the not-too-distant future be required to die for the truth. But the best preparation for eternal life is to be prepared at all times to die- fully prepared by a valiant fight for right. "

Elder Richard G. Scott - April 1996 GC
" Your agency, the right to make choices, is not given so that you can get what you want. This divine gift is provided so that you will choose what your Father in Heaven wants for you. That way He can lead you to become all that He intends you to be."

Vaughn J. Featherstone - 13, Feb. 2001, BYU
" Expect to have your body cravings almost overwhelm you when you are alone. The narrowed perspective will be ever present to persuade you, your physical self, to gratify it's self in spite of great things out there. Emotion is the king, right emotional relationships is the thing. Knowing this helps at times, but doesn't bring a cure-all....You have to have a strategy for handling this temptation. Perhaps the most subtle of temptations come to us when we don't recognize them as bodily appetites pushing for over-emphasis. However, in the very clash of ideas, if we hold up our side in the battle, the truth arises. Opposition in all things needs to be strengthened from the righteous side. We need to oppose evil with good in order for truth to emerge. We might look at temptation and say as C.S. Lewis did with this unusual insight:
A silly idea is current that good people don't know what temptations means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. After all, you find out the strength of the opposing army by fighting against it, not by giving in. You find out the strength of the wind by fighting against it, not by lying down. A man who gives into temptation after five min. simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people in very little sense know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in. We never find the strength of an evil impulse inside until we try to fight it; and Christ because he was the only man who never yielded to temptation, is also the only man who knows to the full what temptation means - the only complete realist. ( C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity )

Harold B. Lee, The Teachings of Harold B. Lee
" How we please with you precious young people....you think we don't trust you. I bid you remember what President J. Reuben Clark Jr. Said to his teenage daughter as she was going out on a date in Mexico City. He asked her to be in at a certain hour and said, : Remember that you are the daughter of the United States ambassador of Mexico, and remember that you are a Latter Day Saint."
Chaffing under that constant, urgent reminder, the teenage daughter said, " Daddy,w hat is the matter, don't you trust me? " His answer must have shocked her as he said, " No, my darling, I don't trust you. I don't even trust myself."  I want you to see what we are trying to say to you and herald it to all your associates. We who are along the way of life a little more know that when we get out into certain areas, we don't even dare trust ourselves, let alone you who have less experience to guide you in making proper decisions. "

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